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LBZ1600P vertical automatic insulating glass production line

basic information

● Main performance characteristics:

The assembly line is composed of a vertical glass conveyor, a vertical three-stage glass washing and drying machine, a vertical glass inspection conveyor, an automatic aluminum frame positioning machine, a vertical glass flat pressing machine, a glass turning conveyor and other equipment. The production line, PLC programming control, the cleaning and drying equipment adopts thick stainless steel, the front and rear box design of the automatic flat press (the front box is vacuumed, the rear box is air-floated), so that the glass composite and the composite can be completed at one time, and the glass curtain wall is produced. Key equipment. The equipment has the characteristics of stable operation, precise processing size and high production efficiency. This line is supplemented by butyl glue spreader, two-component glue spreader, molecular sieve filling machine, rotary glue spreader and other equipment to form a fully automatic insulating glass production line.

●Main technical parameters:

Power supply: 380V 50Hz

Power: 13kw

Maximum processing size: 1600×2000mm

Minimum processing size: 400×500mm

Original glass thickness: 3-10mm

Transmission speed: 4—48m/min

Total weight: 3500kg

Dimensions: 13500×1250×2600mm

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