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LBZ1800P Vertical Fully Automatic Insulating Glass Flat Pressing Production Line (Inner Laminate)

basic information

Technical Parameters

●Main performance characteristics

1. Fully automatic insulating glass production line (low-E insulating glass can be produced)

2. Imported low-voltage electrical components, sensors, PLC automatic control equipment operation

3. Using imported vacuum generator and suction cup, the glass suction effect is better

4. The board pressing section adopts a unique linear guide rail to fully ensure parallel pressing

5. According to the different requirements of customers, the production of large and small pieces and three pieces of insulating glass can be realized (special order)

6. The cleaning area and water system are all made of stainless steel and corrosion-resistant materials, which are durable

7. The washing glass can be washed continuously, the machine automatically partitions the first and second glass, and the washing waiting time is zero

8. Full-distance automatic frequency conversion speed regulation, saving labor waiting time and improving production efficiency

●Main technical parameters:

Input voltage: 380V 50Hz

Total power: 18Kw

Cleaning speed: 2~7m/min

Glass conveying speed: 22m/min

Minimum glass size: 450×500mm

Maximum glass size: 2500×1800mm

Thickness of cleaning glass: 3-12m

Maximum thickness of insulating glass: 50mm

Compressed air: flow 0.8m³/min air pressure: 0.8Mpa

Water: water conductivity ≤50us/cm

Dimensions: 16500mm*1500mm*2900mm

Total weight: 4000kg

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LBZ1800PW Vertical Fully Automatic Insulating Glass Production Line
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