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LBZ1800PW Vertical Fully Automatic Insulating Glass Production Line

basic information

●Main performance characteristics:
1. Automatic CNC hollow glass production line (low-E hollow glass can be produced)
2. The cleaning machine adopts 3 pairs of brush design and special brush for LOW-E glass to avoid film damage.
3. Adopt PLC control and dual touch screen display system-temperature/speed/production volume/fault information prompt-can complete the whole line control alone.
4. It can produce super long two-layer, three-layer, large and small (unequal side) curtain wall hollow glass and special-shaped hollow glass.
5. Full-distance automatic frequency conversion speed regulation, with glass waiting storage section, saving labor waiting time and improving production efficiency.
6. The plate press is hydraulically controlled, and the size of the upper and lower unequal pieces can be manually adjusted. The movable plate can be opened freely, which is convenient and quick to repair.
7. When the glass is combined, the front and rear boxes of the flat press are pneumatically supported to ensure that the glass is always in place when the glass is automatically combined.
8. The cleaning box, air drying box, air knife, etc. are all made of stainless steel, beautiful in appearance and never rusty.


●Main technical parameters:

Electric rate: 3P 18KW 380V 50Hz

Maximum processing size: 2500×1800mm

Minimum processing size: 450×500mm

Original glass thickness: 3-18mm

Glass cleaning speed: 2-7m/min

Glass conveying speed: 22m/min

Dimensions: 22900×1600×2900mm

Total weight: 5500kg

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