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LBXH2500PW Vertical Automatic Insulating Glass Production Line

basic information

Main performance characteristics:

1. Insulating glass production line adopts PLC control throughout the whole process, washing machine, tablet machine, tablet press, and digital input control system. The operation of the equipment is more humanized, with high automation and easy operation.

2. The man-machine interface touch screen is adopted, automatic manual conversion is convenient, and has a single-segment operation display function, which can accurately display the operation and fault conditions of the equipment, and is convenient for maintenance.

3. Automatically recognize the film layer of coated glass and LOW-E glass.

4. The main body of the cleaning machine is all made of industrial stainless steel plate bending and welding.

5. The washing machine adopts an intermittent work energy-saving system, which can clean coated or LOW-E glass. When cleaning coated or LOW-E glass, ordinary brushes are automatically separated, and have automatic alarm and stop transmission functions (when the film is wrong).

6. The washing machine adopts oil-free lubrication and waterproof bearings to avoid secondary pollution of the water source, and eliminate the possibility of oil molecules floating when the glass passes through the strong wind pressure drying zone (the glass surface will cause bright spots when exposed to natural light after the glass surface adheres to the oil molecules).

7. The uniquely designed spray system, the spray angle can be adjusted arbitrarily, and the cleaning and maintenance are fast and convenient. The water tank of the washing machine is equipped with a water heating system. It is recommended to use when the room temperature is less than 7 degrees.

8. The fan adopts internal circulation to ensure the cleanness of the air in the fan, and the optimized design of the fan has low power. The wind pressure is large, and the generated air volume and pressure can ensure that the glass is completely clean and dried.

9. The splashing drying zone adopts the bottom roller drive mode, and the coating or LOW-E glass surface has no rubber roller squeeze scratches. It can effectively prevent the occurrence of filming.

10. The transmission backplane adopts a double-sided polycarbonate resin coated high-strength board, which has strong corrosion resistance and good flatness.

11. The back wheel adopts nylon shaft core and polyurethane wheel. It has no wear and scratch on the glass surface of high-speed operation or emergency stop. The wear of the back wheel can be replaced.

12. The bottom roller adopts through-shaft polyurethane material and the shaft core threaded connection method. When producing large-size glass, ensure that the bottom roller does not have any off-axis phenomenon, single-sided wear, and the bottom roller can be used again when it is replaced. Life.

13. The tablet press adopts a central positioning and compression method, so that the glass is evenly pressed in the center of the tablet press, and the quality of the tablet will not be affected by the size of the glass. The service life is twice that of the ordinary tablet press. The pressing time can be adjusted arbitrarily according to the size of the glass.

14. The key transmission parts adopt expansion sleeves instead of ordinary key connections to ensure the adjustment accuracy and transmission reliability.

 15 Each section of wiring adopts a single-section aviation plug connection method, which has strong anti-interference and is convenient for installation and maintenance of equipment.

●Technical parameters:

1. Maximum size of processed glass: 2450×3150mm

2. Minimum size of processed glass: 450×450mm

3. Thickness of cleaning glass: 3-15mm

4. Maximum thickness of insulating glass: 48mm

5. Glass cleaning speed: 0-8m/min

6. Brush: 3 pairs

7. Transmission speed: Max45m/min

8. Compressed air: flow 0.8m3/min air pressure: 1Mpa

9. Electric power: 37.5KW 3P 380V/ 50HZ

10. Water: Water conductivity ≤50us/cm Water consumption: 0.5t/h

11. Dimensions: 25900×1800×3350mm

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